End of Immigration?

Manitoba Preview of  The End of Immigration Monday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m. Ellice Theatre at Ellice and Sherbrook By Lynne Fernandez Every year thousands of migrant workers come to Canada to do the work Canadians don’t want… Read More

Manitoba Environment Library Closure and Balanced Budget Legislation

by Lynne Fernandez Here at the CCPA we have recently focused on whether the straightjacket imposed by Balanced Budget Legislation (BBL) is good for Manitoba. It is gratifying to note that the British Columbia NDP is asking the… Read More

Appointment of William Neville as Independent Allowance Commissioner a Step Forward

by Errol Black Manitoba’s NDP government recently announced the appointment of William Neville as the Independent Allowance Commissioner under the Elections Finances Act. Neville’s mandate is to establish a public funding process for registered political parties, to replace… Read More

Homelessness: Moving towards real solutions

PDF version by Kirsten Bernas [Ed. Note: In this Fast Facts, Kirsten presents a do-able strategy for improving the lives of those living on EIA in Manitoba. This strategy has the support of 115 Manitoba organizations.] This week, as… Read More

PQ Takes Action in Quebec to Make Income More Equal…and Manitoba??

By Errol Black and Shauna MacKinnon In a recent report on income inequality in Manitoba (Income Inequality in Canada: How does Manitoba compare? Can we do better?) we noted that the new PQ government in Quebec had pledged… Read More

Is It Time To Repeal Balanced-budget Legislation In Manitoba?

by Errol Black and Shauna MacKinnon In a recent review of income inequality in Manitoba, we compared Manitoba to Canada.  The comparison showed that in 2010 “Manitoba was the most equal province before taxes and the third most… Read More

Income Inequality: Manitoba can do better

by Errol Black and Shauna MacKinnon The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has been documenting the rise in inequality in Canada since 2006. More recently, the Conference Board of Canada and the OECD have confirmed this trend. These… Read More

The Cost of Learning – How does Manitoba rank?

PDF version by Shauna MacKinnon In the report titled Eduflation and the High Cost of Learning, CCPA researchers David Macdonald and Erika Shaker developed a Cost of Learning Index to examine the affordability of higher education across Canada…. Read More

Manitoba’s NDP: Time to return to its social democratic roots

PDF version by Errol Black and Jim Silver In June 1969, Manitoba elected Canada’s first NDP government and Manitoba’s first social democratic government. The NDP has since become the dominant political party in Manitoba, winning 8 of the… Read More

There’s No Place Like Home: Housing in Manitoba

Housing is an important issue here in Manitoba. Watch and share our short video to learn why housing is important, what housing challenges many Manitobans face, and what should be done about it. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5yxp0Xdkko]