Clarity Sought in Federal Delay on Portage Place

By Portage Place Community Coalition

Red River College Decision Part of a Pattern of Bad Decision-Making

By Paul Moist and Jim Silver

UNSPUN 2019 Series: Housing and the Manitoba Election

By Kirsten Bernas and Sarah Cooper

Portage Place: Let’s Take Back What’s Ours

The $41 million (in 2019 dollars) in public money invested in Portage Place means that Portage Place is ours. We fought for that money in the 1970s: it was the Inner City Committee for Rail Relocation that struggled for years and won the funding allocated to the Core Area Initiative. The money was supposed to go into affordable housing, daycares, and clinics, but it was taken away from us and it has never “trickled down” to us. Now we have the chance to get some of it back.

The Gaslighting of Manitobans in Health Care

By Brianne Goertzen

First published by the Winnipeg Free Press June 25, 2019

The health care overhaul has been well-documented in the media, and routinely questioned in the Legislative Assembly, yet transparency and accountability is lacking. In fact, our government has embarked on a communication strategy that can only be explained as gaslighting Manitobans.

A Climate Emergency Calls for a Green New Deal (Not a Pipeline)

By Laura Cameron

I feel like I’m living in two alternate realities. On the one hand, governments in Canada and around the world are heeding the voices of the youngest and most vulnerable communities and have declared a state of emergency on climate change, pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

Time to move forward with respect

By Marcel Hardisty

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press June 5, 2019

For the last 100 days Camp Morningstar has nurtured a sacred fire on Hollow Water First Nation traditional territory in order to provide balanced information to counter the one-sided proposals and outdated scientific research presented by Canadian Premium Sand (CPS). We have been silenced, lost our jobs, and ignored, but we are still here.

Why Strong Manitoba School Boards Matter

Notwithstanding discussions and concerns about recent provincial Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) test scores, or the importance of always looking for improvement, Manitoba has a high quality public school sys­tem that is the envy of most other jurisdictions around the world. Two touchstones of this sys­tem, we argue, are: (i) a vision of the purpose of schooling as fundamentally educational and in­clusive; and (ii) a structure that values and nur­tures professional expertise within a framework of public responsibility and accountability.  READ FULL REPORT HEREBy Jon Young and Dick Henley

MB Liquor Between Rock and Hard Place

By Lynne Fernandez

The issuance of mandate letters to provincial crown corporations has put management and staff on notice, warning that “the old way of doing things” is over.

The preamble for all the letters is the same, with claims that this government is committed to “prudent fiscal management, creating jobs, improving health care and education” etc. etc. Each letter then spells out the specific changes the government expects each crown to make.

New Manitoba Housing Data