City of Winnipeg should study benefits of in-house waste collection

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press Sept. 13, 2016 By Lynne Fernandez This fall Winnipeg City Council will determine the future of waste and recycling collection in our city. Current contracts with Emterra Environmental and Progressive Waste… Read More

New Report: It’s Time To Give Back to Manitoba’s North

By Lynne Fernandez A new Errol Black Chair report released today examines how events are unfolding in  Churchill and The Pas. It puts these events in the context of the entire Northern region and urges government to consider… Read More

Manitoba Youth Crisis Workers Left in Limbo

By Lynne Fernandez Manitoba Government and General Employees Union members at Macdonald Youth Services (Local 221), who provide crisis intervention services to youth and families in Winnipeg, walked off the job on August 2, 2016. This move was… Read More

BLOG summary: “Energy East: Taking Manitoba in the Wrong Direction”

TransCanada Pipeline’s Energy East pipeline (EE), if approved, will run from Hardisty Alberta to St. John, New Brunswick and will carry bitumen from Alberta’s Tar Sands to refineries in Quebec and New Brunswick. A new Canadian Centre for… Read More

Budget 2016

Don’t let the name of Manitoba’s latest budget “Correcting the Course” fool you: this budget stays the course, at least in the immediate term. It is a status quo budget that continues with many of the initiatives of… Read More

Budget 2016: the waiting game

By Lynne Fernandez It will take more than one budget – hastily prepared – to fully appreciate the Conservatives’ master plan, but the Throne Speech, a fiscal update and Ministerial mandate letters tell us what we should be… Read More

When does Temporary become Permanent?

By Lynne Fernandez and Nicole Smith Each year up to 400 mostly Mexican workers come to Manitoba under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) to work on local farms. They perform physically strenuous work on vegetable farms and… Read More

Business Wins Big: Throne Speech 2016

By Lynne Fernandez Throne speeches typically are run-of-the-mill exercises that say very little while evoking lofty ideals such as prosperity, innovation and “establishing an open principled government that reflects the values and priorities of Manitobans . . .”. … Read More

We need to maintain momentum on job training

By Lynne Fernandez At the end of 2015 The Conference Board of Canada predicted that in 2016, Manitoba’s economic activity would be second only to BC, with strong performance expected in the service, manufacturing and constructions sectors. The… Read More

A Ray of Hope for Winnipeg Transit

By Lynne Fernandez Winnipeg’s public transit system is in great need of improvement if it is to meet the needs of those who rely on it – seniors, low-income people, youth and persons with disabilities who cannot drive…. Read More