That’s What Unions Do

By Lynne Fernandez PDF version Back in February, 2013, CCPA-Mb  put out a Fast Facts  titled Six Unions: One Voice* which chronicled the many problems faced by staff at the University of Manitoba campus . We explained how… Read More

Asking the Right Questions about P3s in Winnipeg

PDF version by Elizabeth Blackwood and Lynne Fernandez On Tuesday, June 11th, Winnipeg’s Property and Development Committee reviewed a proposal to buy out the Private Public Partnership (P3) agreement for the South District Police Station. In 2012, the… Read More

Treating Poverty with Income

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez and Sarah Cooper A recent report [PDF] by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) examines the health of tenants in Manitoba Housing. It finds that overall, tenants in Manitoba Housing have worse… Read More

Migrant Voices: Stories of Agricultural Migrant Workers in Manitoba

PDF version For a copy of the full report, click here. [Ed. note: Yesterday the Province of Manitoba announced that it would extend health coverage to seasonal agricultural workers.] by Jodi Read, Sarah Zell and Lynne Fernandez Each… Read More

May Day 2013: Another World is Possible

by Lynne Fernandez and Monica Adeler As we digest the news coming out of Europe, with millions of people out of work at the same time as austerity measures are shutting down the social programs they need more… Read More

Still Waiting for the Thaw

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez Just like the ice and snow that refuse to go away this April, the provincial government is frozen into a perennial cycle of cutting revenue and then scrambling to make up for the… Read More

An Ounce of Suppression Prevents a Pound of Cure

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez This April 28 we will commemorate the National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job. This yearly tribute is a somber reminder that far too many workers deal with… Read More

First a ripple, then a wave

PDF version by Andy Regier and Lynne Fernandez There was a ripple in the waters of public service provision late last year that has left some people perplexed. The Manitoba government announced that it would be selling The… Read More

Six Unions: One Voice

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez This Wednesday, February 13, the six unions operating on the University of Manitoba campus will unite with one voice. The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA), Canadian Autoworkers (CAW) Local 3007, The Canadian… Read More

CETA Could Damage Manitoba’s Economic Prospects: Report

Full report by John Jacobs and Lynne Fernandez A trade deal with the European Union (EU) that’s being negotiated behind closed doors today could damage Manitoba’s manufacturing sector, says a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’… Read More