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You are invited to the Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony KIP International School and Winnipeg Partners May 6, 2013 Circle of Life Thunderbird House 715 Main Street, Winnipeg RSVP to ccpamb@policyalternatives.ca or call 204-927-3200

Shannon’s Story: Hope and Healing

PDF version by Shannon Buck and Jennifer Rattray On Saturday, April 13, 2013 women and men will come together to Move for Hope, a one hour workout to raise money for women’s shelters here in Manitoba.  Shannon and… Read More

Bill C-400: An opportunity lost

by Clark Brownlee and Donna Minkus It is disappointing that Bill C-400, the private member’s bill attempting to introduce a national housing strategy in Canada, has been defeated. While its demise was not unexpected it was interesting that… Read More

Child Welfare in a Neoliberal Era: Past, Present, and Future

PDF version by Erin Knight Available to the public online through the University of Toronto library is an insightful doctoral dissertation in which the student, Kristen Smith, interviewed front-line child welfare workers in Ontario. She was interested in… Read More

New Director Appointed for CCPA-MB

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba is pleased to announce the appointment of Molly McCracken to the position of Director, CCPA-MB. Ms. McCracken brings more than 14 years’ experience in social-action research, policy development, and management with… Read More

Winnipeg and Manitoba Housing Statistics

Here are the updated housing statistics for Winnipeg and Manitoba. References are available at the bottom of the page. Compiled by Sarah Cooper.   (Edited on March 19, 2013, to include updated MMRs For 2014 report go here)… Read More

First a ripple, then a wave

PDF version by Andy Regier and Lynne Fernandez There was a ripple in the waters of public service provision late last year that has left some people perplexed. The Manitoba government announced that it would be selling The… Read More

Excuse me, Canada, your homelessness is showing

PDF version by Sarah Cooper Dear Canada, This is a little awkward, but I wanted to let you know before it gets any worse: your homelessness is showing. It used to be that Canada had hardly any homeless… Read More

More cells not the answer

PDF version by John Hutton A recent editorial in the Free Press (“Programs won’t solve jail crisis” Feb 8, 2013) by the President of the Manitoba Government Employees Union (MGEU) calls on the province to continue building more… Read More

“Sustainable Development” – What’s in a name?

PDF version by Gerard Lecuyer and Sig Laser Quite a lot actually, labels matter! Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship is currently conducting an online “consultation” on a proposal to replace Manitoba’s Sustainable Development Act (1998) with a new… Read More