Will the Province Protect the Little Saskatchewan River?

PDF version by Ruth Pryzner The beautiful Little Saskatchewan River (LSR), recognized as a unique habitat for endangered, at-risk and common species, winds its way through Keesekoowenin First Nation and the towns of Minnedosa, Rapid City and Rivers… Read More

Anti-unionism at Heart of Free Press Argument

By Lynne Fernandez For such a short article, the June 29th editorial: Do not further inflate Bipole III raises an impressive array of questions and concerns. First of all, according to reports from the Floodway Authority (and as… Read More

Impasse between Winnipeg and Province calls for bold action

by Errol Black and Lynne Fernandez In recent months there have been demands from many quarters that the Manitoba government increase the provincial sales tax by one percent and turn over the roughly $265 million in proceeds to… Read More

Partnering for Change – Community Based Solutions for Aboriginal and Inner-city Poverty

by Shauna MacKinnon The Manitoba Research Alliance (MRA), a community university research partnership hosted by CCPA Manitoba under the leadership of University of Manitoba Economist Dr. John Loxley has received a 7-year, $2.5 million  Partnership Grant through the… Read More

Time to Expand the Manitoba Advantage

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez and Errol Black There has been much discussion about the direction Manitoba Hydro (MH) is heading in and the role it should play in our province. It’s an important discussion to have because… Read More

Budget 2012: Deficit Budget Creates Surplus of Spin

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez and Shauna MacKinnon We went to the provincial legislature yesterday to review the budget and prepare our analysis. Our pre-budget predictions were accurate. We found a little bit of this and that; nothing of significance… Read More

It’s Budget Time Again: A glimmer of hope and a healthy dose of skepticism

PDF version by Shauna MacKinnon On April 17th Minister Stan Struthers will release details of how the Province will manage our money this year. Here is how the process will unfold. A few pre-budget day announcements will be,… Read More

Manitoba Housing Information

This compilation of stats and figures illustrates the current housing situation, particularly for lower income households, in Manitoba. Winnipeg figures are here. References are available at the bottom of the page, in case you are looking for more details…. Read More