Leaving a Progressive Legacy

The work of CCPA-Manitoba is made possible through the support of our many members and donors.  We are grateful to all those who support us.

In 2010, we received a gift from a donor that was particularly poignant.

Robert Ernest Clague passed away on October 11, 2006. Robert named 15 charitable agencies in his will. CCPA-Manitoba was one of them. In 2011 we received a contribution from the Robert I. and Margaret J. Clague Memorial Fund endowed with the Winnipeg Foundation. This contribution will now come to us annually.

Mr. Clague was not known to us at CCPA but we are pleased to know that our work was important to him. In respect and thanks to Mr. Clague we felt it appropriate to share what we know about him. The following was taken from his obituary.

Robert Ernest Clague (October 4, 1914–October 11, 2006) passed away quietly at the Middlechurch Home. He had a BA (Hons.) in History and English and a MA in Arts (History) from the University of Manitoba. He was well known in the Winnipeg teaching community as a respected teacher and author, and best know for his mathematics expertise. He taught at Knowles, General Wolfe and Churchill High Schools.

Robert loved gardening, music, animals and his reading and research activities. Robert was born and raised in the North End of Winnipeg where he resided all of his life.

He contributed generously to a wide variety of charitable organizations throughout his life. He established a memorial fund in the name of his parents to continue these donations after his death.

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