Election 2011 UnSpun

A Clock Worth Watching

The editorial in September 7th’s Winnipeg Free Press about the Canadian Tax Payers Federation’s “debt clock” conjured up a funny image for me: a group of people watching a free-floating number growing while they get more and more agitated. The more the number grows, the higher their blood pressure goes. Will they be O.K.? Should we give them blankets and water? Should we call the paramedics? 

Relax!! There’s really no reason for people to stress out over one number: there are other equally important numbers that have to be added to the analysis before we can determine the state of Manitoba’s economy. Once a real assessment is done, you’ll be happy to learn that we’re doing amazingly well. 

In order to help you chill out and think clearly before you vote, CCPA Mb. is presenting a series designed to help you cut through the spin.

Our Election 2011 UnSpun series will calm your election vertigo and let you think clearly about important issues before you vote.

A Clock Worth Watching explains why another “value-added” clock would be much more interesting than that scary debt clock. Check it out: it’ll make you feel better.

Lynne Fernandez

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