Time is Now for 2020 Vision: Need Manitoba Climate & Social Action Budget

Do you work for a minumum wage job in Brandon?

Taking Stock of Manitoba’s Social Housing Plan

photo credit: Leif Norman

Reducing drug and Mental Health Harms: State of the Inner City Report 2019

Forest for the Trees artwork by Kathleen Shellrude

2020: Manitoba Climate & Social Action Budget

Ellen Smirl Public Works Presentation November 28, 2019

Lynne Fernandez Executive Policy Committee presentation November 28, 2019

Manitoba Hydro – the long view

US Democrat Bernie Sanders recently put forward a proposal to nationalize US electricity utilities. He sees nationalization of electricity production as a way to ensure that everyone can afford this essential service and he – and others, see it as a crucial means of addressing the climate crisis.

Ending Poverty, Our Collective Responsibility

Transportation Equity & the Low Income Bus Pass

Presentation to the City of Winnipeg Council