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Public Health Care not Private Profit

Register here for Manitoba Health Coalition’s provincial director, Thursday, September 21 at 7:00pm on the 2nd floor of the Union Centre, 275 Broadway. Thomas Linner will be speaking about the cuts, chaos and privatization of the last seven years – and how we can work together to publish public health care over private profit in Manitoba.

Or join us early at 6:00 pm to watch the CBC leadership debate with free pizza before Thomas!  The Union Centre has a big screen in a great new room! Join us!!


“Healthcare is a human right” 

International students speak out on healthcare inaccessibility in Manitoba 

Fix social conditions, fix crime

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Sept 15, 2023

Is this a Tax Cut Election? Political parties’ focus on tax cuts will deplete provincial coffers while gifting millions to corporations.

September 11, 2023

Austerity hurts public education

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Sept 9, 2023

Progressive Conservative Tax Proposal Would Eliminate $1 Billion in Provincial Revenue by 2027, seriously jeopardizing health, education, and other core services

To date, the NDP fiscal plan leaves little room to expand spending on core services, while proposals from the Liberals will generate new revenue

Seniors Need an Independent Advocate

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Sept 5, 2023

A “Made in Manitoba” Crisis

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press July 14, 2023

By Katherine Burley, Robert Chernomas, & Ian Hudson

On July 11 a rally to “ Save Public Health Care” took place, timed to coincide with the meetings of the Canadian premiers in Winnipeg. While provinces across the country are facing health care challenges, Manitoba’s system needs more saving than average.

The Manitoba government has prioritized parsimony over quality, applying its broad-based agenda of cost cutting and privatization to healthcare. In April 2017, Manitoba introduced a vision for overhauling the province’s healthcare system, entitled Manitoba’s Health System Transformation. This multi-year project, intended to bolster healthcare coordination and reduce costs, has involved cuts, closures, and massive restructuring. While this project was sold as a rationalization that would improve efficiency, it has demoralized the province’s healthcare workers and has compromised the care they are able to provide.

Child care also an austerity victim

Susan Prentice and Jesse Hajer

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press August 29, 2023