Economic inequality in Manitoba almost doubling since 2016 – new report

The Missing Piece in Health and Education

By Jim Silver

Shapeshifting P3s in Manitoba 

Previously published in the Brandon Sun May 9, and by the Winnipeg Free Press May 16,2023

By Molly McCracken and Niall Harney

Tired of Waiting: Rectifying Manitoba’s Pay Gap

Response to Chief Smyth’s citation of CCPA MB published research 

Growing farmland inequality in the Prairies poses problems for all Canadians

By Annette Desmarais

First published in The Conversation February 28, 2023

Real estate is a hot topic in Canada. Most Canadians are acutely aware of how home prices and rents have skyrocketed in the last 15 years or so. In large cities, investor ownership of condos and houses has attracted the attention of policymakers and the public at large, prompting the federal government to crack down on foreign buyers.

Why Don’t We Just Care?

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press March 30, 2023

By Elizabeth Comack

In “A Tale of Two Sentences” (March 18, 2023 Winnipeg Free Press) Dean Pritchard reports on the stories of two men who were facing similar criminal charges for weapons and drug offences. Both men were being supported by Morberg House, a residential recovery centre, and by all accounts had made great strides in moving forward in their lives. When it came to sentencing, however, the judge handed the Indigenous man a federal prison sentence and gave the non-Indigenous man a conditional sentence that enabled him to remain in the community and continue working with the recovery centre. 

Opposition Parties Need to Stand Firm Against Tax Cuts for the Rich

By Jesse Hajer

Make no mistake, Manitoba Budget tax cuts are a gift to the rich

By Niall Harney

Previously published in the Brandon Sun and The Winnipeg Free Press, March 23, 2023

The 2023 Manitoba Budget released on March 7 announced close almost $1 billion in revenue cuts. Despite claims about affordability for low and middle-income households, most Manitoba families will not receive anything near the tax savings promoted by the province. Make no mistake, these tax cuts are a giveaway to the rich that will reduce our capacity to fund public services for years. 

Actions: Cost of Living Community Solidarity MB event 

Resources and ways you can support and act to fight income inequality and for social justice 

  1. Follow and support the MMIWGTS+ Implementation Committee
  1. Follow and support MIGRANTE 
  1. Follow and support Disability Matters 
  1. Demand fairness for all students, including international students 
  1. Follow and support the work of Make Poverty History Manitoba’s provincial election campaign and next City of Winnipeg four-year budget campaign.
  1. Follow and support the work of Right to Housing coalition’s provincial election campaign.
  1. Make the Minimum wage a Living wage
  1. Paid sick days now – Manitoba Federation of Labour 
  1. Tell Canada to tax excess profits – Canadians for Tax Fairness
  1. Follow and support Climate Action Team Manitoba 
  1. Follow & support Health Care for All Manitoba 
  1. For local research and analysis please sign up for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba weekly roundup at (at bottom of page) or see 
  1. Follow & support working building a more inclusive, fair economy with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (click Manitoba!) 
  1. Support Sustainable Building Manitoba’s campaign for code adoption – homes and buildings need to be energy efficient to be truly affordable 
  1. Follow Community Solidarity Manitoba