Rent Assist Increase: community work in action

Thanks to community advocacy, low-income Manitobans will have more money to help pay their rent. Three years ago Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) began building support for increasing shelter benefits to 75 per cent of median market rent…. Read More

Making a case for a Labour Market Intermediary

By Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon There is a growing opportunity in Manitoba to bridge the economic and social divide between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. First of all, Manitoba employers are looking for skilled workers. Second of all,… Read More

View From Here 2015: Manitobans call for a Renewed Poverty Reduction Plan

To address persistent poverty in this province, community groups have outlined a plan to provide Manitobans with the tools they need for a life of dignity and opportunity. The View from Here 2015: Manitobans Call for a Renewed… Read More

Further poverty reduction efforts needed in Manitoba

By Kirsten Bernas There is some good news in the Province’s recently released second annual All Aboard report, which tracks poverty and social exclusion in Manitoba. However, it’s clear that much more needs to be done. The report… Read More

A living wage lifts workers and the economy

By Kirsten Bernas and Lynne Fernandez As of October 1st, minimum wage earners in Manitoba will earn $10.70 per hour – just over $20,800 annually. This leaves a family of four, with both parents working, with an income… Read More

City hall can help jobless

While election cycles bring some community challenges to the spotlight, the work creating solutions to these complex challenges is ongoing. Winnipeg’s inner-city neighbourhoods have been quietly transforming — creating employment, reducing poverty, reversing neighbourhood decline and preventing crime…. Read More

Policy and Poverty in Manitoba – Budget 2013

PDF version by Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon It was a welcome change to hear politicians of all stripes talking about poverty in the lead up to the 2013 provincial budget and in the analysis that followed. Unfortunately… Read More

Creating opportunities with green jobs: the story of BUILD and BEEP

PDF version Full report by Kirsten Bernas Social enterprises have emerged as viable business models that create a blended return on investment as a result of the multiple economic, social, and environmental benefits they bring to local communities…. Read More

City no longer a player in poverty reduction: Winnipeg falls further behind other cities with proposed budget cuts

PDF version by Kirsten Bernas The City of Winnipeg’s preliminary operating budget (PDF) for 2013 cuts spending on poverty reduction, housing, and neighbourhood initiatives at a time when government leadership and resources are desperately needed to address economic… Read More