Manitoba fails to adequately raise Minimum Wage

August 18, 2022 For Immediate Release (Winnipeg): The Manitoba government’s minimum wage announcement today will not cover the massive cost of living increases low-income workers face in 2022.

Work Life: Cost of wage-freeze effort becoming apparent

By Niall Harney and Julie Guard

Provincial budget is a missed opportunity

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press May 4, 2002 By Niall Harney

New report shows Manitoba’s energy transition is not just possible, but practical

Adult Education Creates Lasting Solutions

By Jim Silver

Low spending in Manitoba results in surplus during COVID-19 era 

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Why Manitoba Needs no-cost contraception

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It’s time for a COVID-19 inquiry in Manitoba

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Financing Education in Manitoba: Equity, Adequacy and Innovation

By Tim Sale

Land Back:

Unsettling the original injustice By Andrée Forest. First published in The Monitor Nov/Dec issue Land back. Two words simple in premise and profound in meaning.  These two words get at the essence of the original injustice between our …