The CCPA Manitoba was formed in 1997 to challenge the onslaught of neo-liberal policies in our province. We made a strong entrance with two publications on the provincial Conservative government’s attempt to privatize a portion of Winnipeg’s home care system. Within two hours of the release of those first two reports the provincial government announced that it was abandoning the privatization experiment.

Not all of our publications have had such immediate and dramatic results but we continue to have an impact on public discourse by offering Manitobans critical policy analysis, solid research and progressive policy alternatives.  The Manitoba office has continued to publish regularly on a range of issues, with a particular emphasis on poverty and labour issues.

We have established a reputation for our collaborative research model, which has led to two successful multi-year grants from the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), allowing us to work with community organizations researching Winnipeg inner city and Aboriginal issues.

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