Contracting Out the Enhanced Home Care Program

By Pete Hudson Among the many recent changes by the Pallister government to health care was a contract with two private companies to operate the Enhanced Home Care Program (EHCP). This will provide community care to patients who… Read More

Caring for Home Care in Manitoba

By Pete Hudson In January, the government released the Toews report The Future of Home Care Services in Manitoba. The report was commissioned by the NDP government in 2015 as a follow up to an earlier report on… Read More

Evidence-based policy, wouldn’t that be a change. The case for personal care homes

A version of this article was first published in the Winnipeg Free Press June 8, 2016. By Pete Hudson Budget 2016 pledges $160 million to create 1,200 new Personal Home Care (PCH) spaces. It is to be hoped… Read More

Home care best kept public

By Pete Hudson Manitoba’s Home Care program was launched in 1974 under the guidance of the late Evelyn Shapiro. It is publicly funded and publicly delivered. It aims to avoid or delay the more expensive forms of chronic… Read More

Wealth Care vs Health Care

By Pete Hudson The debate around the private financing of Canada’s health care system has recently been revived as one of a series of video shorts on human rights issues in Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum of Human Rights. It… Read More

The Education Property Tax Rebate: Do we seniors really need it?

The opposition’s unproductive filibuster of the provincial 2013 budget increase in the PST has left many aspects of the budget undebated. One is its failure to provide for improvement in the Employment & Income Assistance Program (EIA –… Read More