Manitoba 2022 Budget prioritizes tax cuts over repairing public services

Province cutting revenue by $363.4 million at expense of education, housing, civil service, and municipalities

Zuken Nominations

Low spending in Manitoba results in surplus during COVID-19 era 

By Molly McCracken

Condemning far-right ideas and occupation – CCPA Manitoba media statement 

February 11, 2022

Remembering Jay Cowan, MLA and labour activist

by Doug Smith

Speaking Up Winter 2022

Call for Proposals

Suffering U of M students deserve better from their Administration and the Province

By Jack MacAulay

State of the City of Winnipeg’s Finances 2001-2021

By Katherine Burley and Ian Hudson The City of Winnipeg’s financial problems preceded both COVID and the cuts under the current provincial government. State of the City of Winnipeg Finances 2001 – 2021 shows how Winnipeg has been …

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