More than 20,000 committed child care spaces not yet delivered

Manitoba far from meeting its child care promises

Election 2023, Congratulations

October 6, 2023 Dear CCPA Manitoba supporters and followers, The election of Wab Kinew as the first, First Nations Provincial Premier in Canada is historic. Congratulations to Premier-Elect Kinew and the new Manitoba government. CCPA Manitoba congratulates the …

Manitoba Election Oct 3rd – Analysis for Progressives  

Health care dominates first post-pandemic Manitoba election

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Tax cut policies stall affordable housing action

Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press September 26, 2023

Fix social conditions, fix crime

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Sept 15, 2023

Progressive Conservative Tax Proposal Would Eliminate $1 Billion in Provincial Revenue by 2027, seriously jeopardizing health, education, and other core services

To date, the NDP fiscal plan leaves little room to expand spending on core services, while proposals from the Liberals will generate new revenue

CCPA-MB is Monitoring This Election

August 25, 2023 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba research, published in 2017 in collaboration with Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, suggests that the costs of the landfill search for Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran are dwarfed by …

Manitoba can’t afford cuts to parks, environmental protection

By Mark Hudson Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press August 15, 2023