Justice system lacking fairness

By John Hutton, Almost half of the people in Manitoba agree there is a problem with the Canadian justice system when it comes to treatment of Indigenous Peoples according to a recent report in the Winnipeg Free Press… Read More

Funding Community Strength in North Point Douglas

By Kate Sjoberg and John Hutton First published in the Winnipeg Free Press June 15, 2017 It may seem unusual for an organization that works with incarcerated men to take a position in support of a program that… Read More

Laying few charges will help reduce overcrowding

[This article was first published in the Winnipeg Free Press, March 8, 2017] By John Hutton Manitoba has a higher proportion of adults in custody than any other province. We lock up people more frequently than Saskatchewan by… Read More

Justice Requires Hope

By John Hutton Sunday, August 10th, marked the 40th anniversary of what has come to be known as Prisoners’ Justice Day in Canada. Ever since the suicide of Edward Nolan in a segregation cell at Milhaven Institution on… Read More

More cells not the answer

PDF version by John Hutton A recent editorial in the Free Press (“Programs won’t solve jail crisis” Feb 8, 2013) by the President of the Manitoba Government Employees Union (MGEU) calls on the province to continue building more… Read More

Denying EIA Benefits because of Outstanding Warrants – Unwarranted!

PDF version by Dennis Lewycky and John Hutton The provincial government announced recently that it will take away Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) benefits for people with outstanding warrants for serious crimes. Recently there have been a couple… Read More