Austerity and income assistance

Take aim at inequality

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Saturday October 21, 2023

Fix social conditions, fix crime

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Sept 15, 2023

The Missing Piece in Health and Education

By Jim Silver

Opposition Parties Need to Stand Firm Against Tax Cuts for the Rich

By Jesse Hajer

Budget Submission 2023/24

Fast Facts: Jim Silver has built a remarkable career as an academic, author, and activist

By Elizabeth Comack and Wayne Antony,

Work Life: A Roadmap for Adult Education in Manitoba

By Jim Silver Manitoba is awash with problems. Many have been allowed to grow for decades. There is no quick fix. However, one part of a longer-term solution—and governments really must begin to think longer term—is an enhanced …

Winnipeg poverty reduction plan needs financial commitment

By Shauna MacKinnon and Desiree McIvor

Reforming Education in Manitoba

Previously published by CBC online November 21, 2021 By Jim Silver