Manitoba tax changes need to target wealthy to reduce poverty

Basic Personal Exemption (BPE) increases are being brought in by the new provincial government under the auspices of reducing poverty. The BPE is the floor at which we start paying provincial income taxes. Not only will these changes… Read More

Proposed City Development Fee Long Overdue

By Paul Moist A version of this article will also be published in the Wolseley Leaf Community Newspaper Winnipeg City Council is currently considering a development fee to ensure that suburban growth in our city pays its fair… Read More

Federal Off-loading Hurts Us All

PDF version by Molly McCracken Federal funding cuts will be top of mind at the Premiers’ annual in-person meeting July 25th to 26th in Niagara-on-the-Lake. However it remains to be seen if Premiers will address the off-loading of… Read More

Policy and Poverty in Manitoba – Budget 2013

PDF version by Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon It was a welcome change to hear politicians of all stripes talking about poverty in the lead up to the 2013 provincial budget and in the analysis that followed. Unfortunately… Read More

Still Waiting for the Thaw

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez Just like the ice and snow that refuse to go away this April, the provincial government is frozen into a perennial cycle of cutting revenue and then scrambling to make up for the… Read More

2013 Preliminary Operating Budget Fails Tax Fairness Test

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has been analysing the City’s operating budget for several years now. We fully understand the challenges council faces: lack of revenues; a series of federal governments that… Read More

A Sober Second Look at Liquor Privatization

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez A story in the Winnipeg Free Press’s The View from the West (Private Ontario liquor stores will benefit consumers) brings the issue of privatizing liquor sales to readers’ attention. Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives plan… Read More

Manitoba Environment Library Closure and Balanced Budget Legislation

by Lynne Fernandez Here at the CCPA we have recently focused on whether the straightjacket imposed by Balanced Budget Legislation (BBL) is good for Manitoba. It is gratifying to note that the British Columbia NDP is asking the… Read More

Tax Increment Financing and Social Enterprise: Promoting Equitable Community Revitalization in Winnipeg

PDF version by Erin Knight Currently, Manitoba is one of only two provinces in Canada that utilizes Tax Increment Financing (TIF) as a means for financing community revitalization projects in municipalities, although it has a long history of… Read More

Impasse between Winnipeg and Province calls for bold action

by Errol Black and Lynne Fernandez In recent months there have been demands from many quarters that the Manitoba government increase the provincial sales tax by one percent and turn over the roughly $265 million in proceeds to… Read More