Austerity Hurts

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press November 13, 2023

The delusion of austerity: Manitoba’s public service

Previously published in the Brandon Sun Thursday September 21, 2023

Slashed to the bone: Austerity and Manitoba crown corporations

By Niall Harney and Lynne Fernandez Previously published by the Winnipeg Free Press, August 5, 2023

A Made in Manitoba Crisis

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press July 15, 2023

Opposition Parties Need to Stand Firm Against Tax Cuts for the Rich

By Jesse Hajer

Where did all the vaccines go?

By Pete Hudson

Brad Wall Hydro Report Brings Privatization Failures to Manitoba

By Molly McCracken, CCPA Director February 26, 2021 For Immediate Release (Winnipeg): The province of Manitoba’s commissioned Economic Review of Bipole III and Keeyask report by Brad Wall recommends privatization of Manitoba Hydro, the province’s cherished, publicly-owned crown …

Time is Now for 2020 Vision: Need Manitoba Climate & Social Action Budget

Ellen Smirl Public Works Presentation November 28, 2019

Manitoba Hydro – the long view

US Democrat Bernie Sanders recently put forward a proposal to nationalize US electricity utilities. He sees nationalization of electricity production as a way to ensure that everyone can afford this essential service and he – and others, see …