Anti-unionism at Heart of Free Press Argument

By Lynne Fernandez For such a short article, the June 29th editorial: Do not further inflate Bipole III raises an impressive array of questions and concerns. First of all, according to reports from the Floodway Authority (and as… Read More

Budget 2012: Deficit Budget Creates Surplus of Spin

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez and Shauna MacKinnon We went to the provincial legislature yesterday to review the budget and prepare our analysis. Our pre-budget predictions were accurate. We found a little bit of this and that; nothing of significance… Read More

Bipole III – More Misinformation from East Side Proponents

by Shauna MacKinnon On October 4th Manitobans gave Greg Selinger’s NDP a mandate to govern for the next four years. The NDP ran on a Doer-esque steady-as-she-goes platform with the slogan Let’s keep building. Don’t turn back. Now… Read More

Election 2011 UnSpun

Bipole III: Where the Rubber Hits the Road by Lynne Fernandez Unfortunately, the Bipole III debate has become a hot potato in the current provincial election. However, debates of this nature will become more common as we as… Read More

The Implications of the Public Utilities Board Report on Manitoba Hydro

PDF version On July 29, 2011, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Manitoba issued an interim Order denying Manitoba Hydro requests to “finalize existing interim rates and for an additional 0.9% rate increase for all customer classes, effective… Read More

Bi Pole III: Winnipeg Free Press and the Conservative campaign of misinformation

by John Ryan On July 5th, 2011 I submitted a letter to the Winnipeg Free Press in response to information they presented in their July 4 editorial “Best use of Hydro’s millions” The Winnipeg Free Press chose not… Read More

McFadyen’s Bloated Numbers Make For Murky Bi Pole III Debate

by John Ryan PDF version As recorded in Hansard, since the beginning of the Legislative session on April 12, there have been ongoing relentless attacks, on Hydro, the West route for Bipole 3, and the government. The attacks,… Read More