Amy Goodman fills the house Sept 29th

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! Stories of Democracy Resistance and Hope presentation at Knox United Church, Friday Sept 29th. See story in the Manitoban here. Photos by Leif Norman

A Youth Lens on Poverty in Winnipeg: Inner City Youth Photography Exhibition Launch

A collection of photographs taken by Winnipeg youth offers a fresh perspective on some of city’s lowest income neighbourhoods. They tell stories of what makes for good places to live, and what needs to change. The exhibition, coordinated… Read More

The Whimsical World of Business Updates and the Incredible Shrinking Worker

By Lynne Fernandez, This isn’t the first time I’ve been inspired by the CBC’s early-morning business update to go on a little rant. Sometimes it’s the blatant business bias that makes me choke on my bagel; other times… Read More

The Tragedy of Phoenix Sinclair

PDF version by Jim Silver Media coverage of the Phoenix Sinclair inquiry has been quite thorough and often insightful. However, the bulk of the media coverage is missing the defining feature of the story. When that defining feature… Read More

Budget 2012: Deficit Budget Creates Surplus of Spin

PDF version by Lynne Fernandez and Shauna MacKinnon We went to the provincial legislature yesterday to review the budget and prepare our analysis. Our pre-budget predictions were accurate. We found a little bit of this and that; nothing of significance… Read More

Deveryn Ross on Brandon University Strike

By Errol Black Deveryn Ross’ column on the Brandon University strike in the November 24 Winnipeg Free Press (“Administration, province will wear this one“), represents a significant advance on his first column on this issue October 13, 2011(“BU… Read More

So What Happened to “Free Collective Bargaining” in Manitoba?

by Errol Black On Saturday, November 19, 2011, a Brandon Sun headline read: “Province won’t order striking profs back to work” Well apparently they were wrong. Labour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard’s decision to force striking faculty members… Read More


By Errol Black On November 16, The Brandon Sun responded to my comments of November 14 in which I argued that that their coverage and commentary relating to the strike at Brandon University was delaying a resolution of… Read More

Brandon Sun Bias Prolongs Brandon University Strike

Editor’s Note: For more information, please also see What You Need To Know About The Brandon University Strike   By Errol Black   The Brandon University strike of 240 faculty members is now into its 34th day. The actions… Read More

Global Media Concentration Threatens Local Democracy

As we approach election day in Manitoba, anyone who appreciates democracy would welcome a informed discussion about the important issues. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen in our local print media. Pete Hudson explains… Read More