A Real Energy Strategy Can Create Jobs and Save Government Money

By Shaun Loney The energy strategy debate thus far in the federal election has focussed on the future of the oil sands and pipeline politics. The Federal Tories have trumpeted the economic benefits of oil sands development but… Read More

Focus on Food to Take Pressure off Health Care System

By Shaun Loney By some estimates, health care expenditures will account for about 80 percent of provincial program spending by 2030. This means fewer dollars for other priorities. With a problem this big, it’s important to get the… Read More

A Province with No Poverty

By Shaun Loney The so-called war on poverty has been an abysmal failure.  Poverty rates in Canada remain at stubbornly high levels.  Most provinces, including Manitoba, still have about one in 10 living below acceptable low-income cut-offs. Low-income… Read More