A Closer Look at Childcare Affordability in Manitoba

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press February 13, 2019 A new report by CCPA National (Developmental Milestones:  Child Care  fees in Canada’s Big Cities) on childcare fees contains very mixed reviews of Manitoba and raises important questions… Read More

How to really help Manitoban families: Build a universal childcare system

By Susan Prentice Manitoba’s childcare system is staggering to meet the needs of parents and children, and recent signs give little confidence the new provincial government will respond effectively. Over a dozen community groups who are ready to… Read More

Childcare and the Manitoba Election

By Susan Prentice   Childcare is a surprisingly important election issue. It figured prominently in the 2015 federal election, and is playing a role in the 2016 Manitoba provincial election. Why does childcare warrant such political and public attention?… Read More

Why Vote Childcare in 2015: What Manitobans Need to Know

by Susan Prentice Thirteen federal elections ago, in 1970, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women recommended a national childcare program. Fast-forward to 2015, and Canadian parents are more desperate than ever for affordable, quality childcare. Up… Read More

Canadians Deserve a Universal Early Childhood Education and Child Care System

By Molly McCracken and Susan Prentice This week hundreds of educators, academics and activists gather in Winnipeg for the fourth national childcare conference. They are united by a vision of a universal early childhood education and child care… Read More

Sign on to support child care in Manitoba

Despite major investments by the Provincial Government in early childhood education since 1999, tens of thousands of families lack affordable child care. Only one in five children under the age of five is in licensed child care in… Read More

Manitoba Needs a Public Childcare System

By Susan Prentice On September 19, Manitoba launched an on-line consultation on the province’s next multi-year plan for childcare.  Since 2002, Manitoba has had two five-year plans, each of which made incremental changes. A major redesign of childcare… Read More