A Climate Emergency Calls for a Green New Deal (Not a Pipeline)

By Laura Cameron I feel like I’m living in two alternate realities. On the one hand, governments in Canada and around the world are heeding the voices of the youngest and most vulnerable communities and have declared a… Read More

A Written Presentation on Bill 35

THE CROWN LANDS AMENDMENT ACT (IMPROVED MANAGEMENT OF COMMUNITY PASTURES AND AGRICULTURAL CROWN LANDS) How will the changes reflected in Bill 35 affect the Community Pastures Program, part of what was the federal government’s Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration… Read More

Manitoba Climate & Green Plan – presentation to committee

  By Molly McCracken Climate change poses extreme risks for all our families, communities and province. As elected officials you represent all Manitobans and have a responsibility to act in the face of threats. The United Nations International… Read More

Reversing the Damage: How the Federal Liberals can restore Hope on the Prairies

By Lynne Fernandez By 2013 the Conservative government had cut overall federal taxes and other revenues to the lowest rate seen in more than 70 years. Between 2011 and March 2015, 25,000 to 30,000 federal public sector positions… Read More

Federal withdrawal results in loss of social housing

by Sarah Cooper Manitoba is losing subsidized rental housing units—a delayed result of the federal government’s withdrawal from funding social housing in the 1990s. As operating agreements between the federal government and housing providers expire, the subsidies expire… Read More

Terminally ill professor pleads for asbestos ban

University of Manitoba professor Patricia Martens has one more mission as an epidemiologist as she confronts her final days with a terminal disease. She wants the government to stop aiding and abetting the lethal trade in asbestos. Martens… Read More

18 Prominent Manitobans Fail the Canada Challenge

The ancestors of 18 prominent Manitobans would all be turned away if they applied today to immigrate to Canada.  That was the finding of the first Manitobans to take The Canada Challenge, a quiz that all Canadians were… Read More

The 2014 Federal Budget: Austerity for the many, prosperity for the few

By Lynne Fernandez Observers were not expecting anything more than a middle-of-the-road federal budget for 2014, but even so the Finance Minister managed to disappoint. Why then did the government choose to release a ho-hum budget when the… Read More

Canada Jobs Grant does not work for Manitoba

By Molly McCracken Re: “Lets put the jobs-grant idea to work”, Winnipeg Free Press, January 17, 2014 The Canada Jobs Grant will not work for people who face barriers to employment, especially Aboriginal Manitobans. As Shauna Mackinnon wrote… Read More

Federal jobs strategy undermines local employment training

The new Canada Jobs Grant (CJG) program proposed in the recent federal Throne Speech represents a fundamental shift in funding for employment training in Canada. Provinces have opposed the changes because they fail to meet local employment training… Read More