Growing farmland inequality in the Prairies poses problems for all Canadians

By Annette Desmarais First published in The Conversation February 28, 2023 Real estate is a hot topic in Canada. Most Canadians are acutely aware of how home prices and rents have skyrocketed in the last 15 years or …

Province can tackle fossil-flation with local clean energy  

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press February 24, 2023 By Hannah Muhajarine,

Fast Facts: Remembering Don Sullivan

By Jim Silver,

Hard Times Require Bold Action at City Hall 

By Niall Harney Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press June 8, 2022 It is an election year in Winnipeg and come October, a new mayor will be sitting in the City’s top seat. The 2022 Winnipeg Alternative …

Cosmetic Pesticide Ban needs to continue

By Anne Lindsey


The Provincial budget should help people,planet in need

By Molly McCracken

Manitoba’s Silica Sand: Use for Fracking Natural Gas

By Don Sullivan

Lake Winnipeg still at risk of Canadian Premium Sand extraction

By Don Sullivan

The Manitoba Government Has Its Head Stuck in the Sand When it Comes to Protecting the Source of Southeastern Manitoba’s Drinking Water

A version of this article was printed by the Winnipeg Free Press September 21, 2021 By Don Sullivan