Everyone benefits, everyone pays

By Lynne Fernandez It’s becoming difficult to keep up with the alarming developments unfolding in the US. But one in particular should be of great concern to Canadian workers According to the Economic Policy Institute, the recent Supreme… Read More

Mayor playing with fire

By Paul Moist, Throughout 2018 there has been intense media scrutiny directed at Alex Forrest, the President of the United Firefighters of Winnipeg (UFFW). While this story continues to unfold, we do know its most important facts.

Submission: Legislative Committee hearing on Bill 7

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. I hold the Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. On behalf of the Chair, I wish to speak in opposition to… Read More

Bill 7: Unfavourable for Manitoban Workers

By Mark Hudson On June 15 the new Manitoba government introduced Bill 7, The Labour Relations Amendment Act, which aims to eliminate the so-called “card-check” system of union certification currently used in Manitoba. Bill 7 would mandate secret-ballot… Read More

Bucking the Trend: Manitoba Defends Workers’ Pensions

Each day Canadian newspapers carry a version of the same story: working Canadians are not prepared for retirement. Statisticians and economists who look at the problem conclude that about half of middle-class baby boomers will experience a steep… Read More

CCPA-MB AGM with Larry Brown as guest speaker

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba office 2013 Annual General Meeting Friday, September 20, 2013, 11:30 am – 1 pm. Anhang room, 2nd floor, Millennium Library 251 Donald St. Keynote speaker: Larry Brown Larry is Secretary Treasurer of… Read More

NHL Lockout: Which side are you on?

PDF version by Ian Hudson “The owners can basically be viewed as the Ranch, and the players, and me included, are the cattle. The owners own the Ranch and allow the players to eat there. That’s the way… Read More

The Threat of Right-to-Work Laws and the Need for Social Solidarity

PDF version by Errol Black and Jim Silver A major confrontation is shaping up between progressive elements of Canadian society associated with the trade union movement and social democracy, and anti-union organizations (many of them inspired and guided… Read More

Anti-unionism at Heart of Free Press Argument

By Lynne Fernandez For such a short article, the June 29th editorial: Do not further inflate Bipole III raises an impressive array of questions and concerns. First of all, according to reports from the Floodway Authority (and as… Read More

Business Interests Trump Democratic and Union Rights, Fairness and Social Justice

by Errol Black On March 9, my blog post described actions by the federal government that show contempt for Canadian workers. I stated concern that ordering Canada Post and Air Canada workers back-to-work sent a message to employers that they… Read More