Stop the Education Property Tax Cut until We Have a Better Plan. 

Speaking UP with Dr. Barry Lavallee “Health Transformation and Innovation for Northern First Nations”

Dr. Barry Lavallee is a member of the Metis community of St. Laurent, Manitoba and a descendent of Duck Bay and Lake Manitoba First Nations. He is a family physician specializing in Indigenous health and northern practice focused on the healing needs of First Nation and Métis communities. Barry’s research is centered on chronic diseases, transgenerational trauma, the impact of colonization on Indigenous communities and international Indigenous health. He was the Director of Student Support and Education for the Centre for Aboriginal Health Education and Indigenous Health UGME Curriculum Lead for the University of Manitoba. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Keewatinohk Inniniw Minoayawin INC. (KIM), focusing on Health Transformation and Innovation to address inequities for Northern First Nations.

Fast Facts: Jim Silver has built a remarkable career as an academic, author, and activist

By Elizabeth Comack and Wayne Antony,

Fast Facts: Remembering Don Sullivan

By Jim Silver,

Work Life: A Roadmap for Adult Education in Manitoba

By Jim Silver

Manitoba is awash with problems. Many have been allowed to grow for decades. There is no quick fix. However, one part of a longer-term solution—and governments really must begin to think longer term—is an enhanced adult basic education system.

Errol Black Chair Fundraising Brunch – SOLD OUT!

Tribute to Journalist Frances Russell

By Doug Smith

Before there was a CCPA-Manitoba, there was Frances Russell. Her journalistic career started in the 1960s and took her to Ottawa, Toronto, and Victoria. But in the mid-1970s, she returned to Winnipeg and began to occupy a perch, first on the op-ed page of the Winnipeg Tribune and from the 1980s onwards at the Winnipeg Free Press. For more than three decades, she used her column to defend the Canadian welfare state against the depredations of neo-liberalism. 

Lions Place Housing Crisis: What the Manitoba Government can and must do

By Shauna McKinnon

Speaking Up Fall 2022: Why Politicians and Big Business Love P3s, but the Rest of Us Shouldn’t with Simon Enoch

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Winnipeg’s Financial Cupboard is Bare

By Ian Hudson and Katherine Burley