The Solution is More Housing

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press October 11, 2023

There is a growing interest among politicians — including Winnipeg’s Mayor and those from Manitoba’s NDP — in learning from the “Houston model” to address homelessness. Those of us working to help transition people into housing cannot understand the fuss — this is the primary model we have used for almost 15 years. We know firsthand that Winnipeg does not need a “new” model — it needs more housing.

Election 2023, Congratulations

October 6, 2023

Dear CCPA Manitoba supporters and followers,

The election of Wab Kinew as the first, First Nations Provincial Premier in Canada is historic. Congratulations to Premier-Elect Kinew and the new Manitoba government. CCPA Manitoba congratulates the candidates who ran in Manitoba’s provincial election.

We are looking forward to working with Manitoba’s new government to promote social justice, workers’ rights, strong public services, and environmental sustainability.

We will continue our research and analysis to advance progressive, evidence-based public policy to reduce income inequality and promote well-being, health and social inclusion. Watch for a new paper, to be released in the upcoming weeks that includes an assessment of Manitoba’s fiscal situation and where this new provincial government could lever revenue to help low and moderate income people with the affordability crisis and substantially bring down poverty rates. And of course, more analysis of the Manitoba government’s fiscal and social policy. 

Sincerely, Molly McCracken
CCPA Manitoba director

Manitoba Election Oct 3rd – Analysis for Progressives  

Young Manitobans Need to Use Our Vote This Election 

We Need to Talk About Social Housing for Seniors

By Lynne Fernandez and Erika Wiebe

Health care dominates first post-pandemic Manitoba election

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Tax cut policies stall affordable housing action

Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press September 26, 2023

Public Health Care not Private Profit

Register here for Manitoba Health Coalition’s provincial director, Thursday, September 21 at 7:00pm on the 2nd floor of the Union Centre, 275 Broadway. Thomas Linner will be speaking about the cuts, chaos and privatization of the last seven years – and how we can work together to publish public health care over private profit in Manitoba.

Or join us early at 6:00 pm to watch the CBC leadership debate with free pizza before Thomas!  The Union Centre has a big screen in a great new room! Join us!!


The delusion of austerity: Manitoba’s public service

Previously published in the Brandon Sun Thursday September 21, 2023

“Healthcare is a human right” 

International students speak out on healthcare inaccessibility in Manitoba