Do you work for a minumum wage job in Brandon?

Taking Stock of Manitoba’s Social Housing Plan

photo credit: Leif Norman

Reducing drug and Mental Health Harms: State of the Inner City Report 2019

Forest for the Trees artwork by Kathleen Shellrude

2020: Manitoba Climate & Social Action Budget

Ellen Smirl Public Works Presentation November 28, 2019

Lynne Fernandez Executive Policy Committee presentation November 28, 2019

Manitoba Hydro – the long view

US Democrat Bernie Sanders recently put forward a proposal to nationalize US electricity utilities. He sees nationalization of electricity production as a way to ensure that everyone can afford this essential service and he – and others, see it as a crucial means of addressing the climate crisis.

Ending Poverty, Our Collective Responsibility

Transportation Equity & the Low Income Bus Pass

Presentation to the City of Winnipeg Council

Winnipeg Police Board not fulfilling it’s mandate

Submission to the Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks made October 2, 2019

By Bronwyn Dobchuck-Land