Fast Facts: Remembering Don Sullivan

By Jim Silver,

Manitoba’s Silica Sand: Use for Fracking Natural Gas

By Don Sullivan

Lake Winnipeg still at risk of Canadian Premium Sand extraction

By Don Sullivan

The Manitoba Government Has Its Head Stuck in the Sand When it Comes to Protecting the Source of Southeastern Manitoba’s Drinking Water

A version of this article was printed by the Winnipeg Free Press September 21, 2021 By Don Sullivan

The Automatic Trigger For an Environmental Review Not so Automatic

Image credit: Discover the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada video

Regulator’s failure puts water at risk

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press May 19, 2021 By Don Sullivan

Manitoba government runs afoul with a number of laws to assist Silica Sand project

Manitoba Continues to Ignore Aquifer Contamination Issue

By Don Sullivan

Federal intervention crucial to review process

Forestry plan favours industry, not people

By Don Sullivan The way long-term, large-scale forest management planning is approved by the Pallister government is about to change. And not for the better, I might add.