Revenue is needed to pay for Manitoba’s pressing problems

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press, March 6, 2024 The first budget of the new Manitoba government needs to shore up tax revenue to pay for essential public services and act on costly social and environmental challenges …

Take aim at inequality

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press Saturday October 21, 2023

Shapeshifting P3s in Manitoba 

Previously published in the Brandon Sun May 9, and by the Winnipeg Free Press May 16,2023 By Molly McCracken and Niall Harney

Stop the Cheques, Invest in Education Instead

Previously published on March 4th in the Brandon Sun and Winnipeg Free Press 

Respect and the right to abortion

By Molly McCracken

Low spending in Manitoba results in surplus during COVID-19 era 

By Molly McCracken

The Provincial budget should help people,planet in need

By Molly McCracken

Provincial call for Winnipeg Public-Private Partnership for Sewage Stinks

By Molly McCracken

Supervised Consumption Site…

CCPA Manitoba Presentation to Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks in support of the tabling of the Supervised Consumption Site in Winnipeg report June 7, 2021 – presented by Molly McCracken

Education Property Tax Cuts Worsen Income Inequality in Manitoba

By Molly McCracken