Tax cut policies stall affordable housing action

Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press September 26, 2023

Manitoba releases a long-awaited homelessness strategy: It must be election time

By Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon

Lions Place Housing Crisis: What the Manitoba Government can and must do

By Shauna McKinnon

Low-cost housing in Winnipeg

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press April 27, 2022 By Shauna MacKinnon

Winnipeg poverty reduction plan needs financial commitment

By Shauna MacKinnon and Desiree McIvor

New Principal Investigator continues legacy of John Loxley with the Manitoba Research Alliance

Press release

Taking Stock of Manitoba’s Social Housing Plan

The Pallister Government and the Path to Reconciliation Act

By Shauna MacKinnon On Friday May 26, I attended an impromptu event organized by supporters of the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre.  The event was held to show support for the Centre, which was reeling from the news …

Funding non-profit organizations gives good value for money

By Shauna MacKinnon, Several small non-profit organizations (NPOs) are nervously awaiting Manitoba’s 2017 budget. Funding sources they’ve come to rely on have been ‘on pause’ for months and its beginning to affect the services they provide. Many organizations …

62 Recommendations and the Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair

By Shauna MacKinnon “ the social and economic conditions that render children vulnerable to abuse and neglect are well beyond the scope of the child welfare system” (Hon. Ted Hughes, Commissioner, The Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair: Achieving the …