Lions Place Housing Crisis: What the Manitoba Government can and must do

By Shauna McKinnon

Hard Infrastructure, Hard Times

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press, Tuesday August 24, 2021 By Jesse Hajer, Jennifer Keith and Michael Conway

Time to flush P3 process for waste plant

By Saku Pinta

Nova Scotia Education Overhaul a Cautionary Tale for Manitoba

By Molly McCracken and Pamela Rogers

Where did all the vaccines go?

By Pete Hudson

Manitoba Hydro Against the Wall

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press April 9, 2021. By Lynne Fernandez

Time is Now for 2020 Vision: Need Manitoba Climate & Social Action Budget

New report looks at value of publicly-owned Manitoba Hydro

September 5, 2019 For immediate release (Winnipeg): A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s (CCPA) Manitoba office: Manitoba Hydro, the Long View argues the publicly owned crown corporation offers economic and social benefits that would …

Portage Place: Let’s Take Back What’s Ours

The $41 million (in 2019 dollars) in public money invested in Portage Place means that Portage Place is ours. We fought for that money in the 1970s: it was the Inner City Committee for Rail Relocation that struggled …

MB Liquor Between Rock and Hard Place

By Lynne Fernandez The issuance of mandate letters to provincial crown corporations has put management and staff on notice, warning that “the old way of doing things” is over. The preamble for all the letters is the same, …