Shapeshifting P3s in Manitoba 

Previously published in the Brandon Sun May 9, and by the Winnipeg Free Press May 16,2023 By Molly McCracken and Niall Harney

Growing farmland inequality in the Prairies poses problems for all Canadians

By Annette Desmarais First published in The Conversation February 28, 2023 Real estate is a hot topic in Canada. Most Canadians are acutely aware of how home prices and rents have skyrocketed in the last 15 years or …

Actions: Cost of Living Community Solidarity MB event 

Resources and ways you can support and act to fight income inequality and for social justice  Follow and support the MMIWGTS+ Implementation Committee Follow and support MIGRANTE  Follow and support Disability Matters  Demand fairness for all students, including …

Fact-Checking Manitoba Budget Claims

Claim: “Budget 2023 removes 47,400 low-income Manitobans from the tax rolls and saves the average family $1,000” Impact: More of the Basic Personal Amount tax change money will go to Manitoba’s richest 10% than the bottom 50% combined. …

More of Budget 2023 tax changes go to Manitoba’s richest 10% than bottom 50% combined

Statistical analysis of the Manitoba Government Budget 2023 changes to the Basic Personal Amount (BPA) and income tax brackets find the top 10% are slated to get 26% of the total tax savings, equivalent to an average tax …

Manitoba Government Ignores Evidence For Supervised Consumption Sites

By Thomas Linner,

Statement Against “World Unity Convoy”

We, the undersigned, denounce the return of a “Freedom Convoy” to Manitoba, re-branded as the “World Unity Convoy 2023.”

Whose Freedom?

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press, February 16, 2023

Manitoba’s fiscal update shows the province can do more to help with affordability

For Immediate Release (Winnipeg, Treaty One): As CCPA predicted (1), the mid-year fiscal update released today shows the Provincial Manitoba budget is in surplus, demonstrating the province can do more to help those struggling with the affordability crisis.

Manitoba refuses to lower child care fees

November 30, 2022For Immediate Release (Winnipeg): Across Canada, parents see their childcare fees drop. Butthis is not happening in Manitoba. More than a year after the Manitoba government signedonto the federal government’s national child care agreement, families in …