Low income Manitoban’s falling behind in 2018

By Josh Brandon As we roll into 2018, low income Manitobans are falling further behind. While minimum wage in Ontario went up on January 1 to $14 per hour, in Manitoba it is stuck at a poverty level… Read More

No Poverty Reduction Strategy in Speech from the Throne

By Josh Brandon Tuesday morning, I received a phone call from a Make Poverty History Manitoba member. He lives on a disability benefit that provides him only $180 per month for food and other basic necessities. He wanted… Read More

Proposed legislation a sentence of poverty for low income workers

By Josh Brandon and Molly McCracken Working should be a route out of poverty, but for some, low wages are a poverty trap. The current minimum wage is inadequate as at $11/ hour, it places workers as far… Read More

Budget 2017: No strategy no change to poverty

By Josh Brandon Low income Manitobans were hoping that this year’s budget would offer a plan to help lift them out of poverty. A well-funded strategy with targets and timelines for its implementation and for reducing poverty would… Read More

Community looking for action plan from Province on poverty

By Josh Brandon When Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon delivers the throne speech November 21, a plan for poverty reduction should top the government’s priority list. The Province has promised a plan by next year’s budget and Manitobans are… Read More

Social Enterprises Create Pride through Decent Work

Social enterprises fill an important gap in Manitoba’s economy for those struggling to enter the workforce. The provincial government has seen the value of investing in social enterprises through funding training and procuring housing retrofit services. This in… Read More

Poverty on the Agenda: an analysis of party platforms

By Josh Brandon  Manitobans rate themselves to be a generous and caring society. When natural disasters strike, we are the first to respond. Manitobans are Canada’s most reliable donors to causes both at home and abroad. So how… Read More

Federal Budget provides opportunities for Social Housing in Manitoba

By Josh Brandon Budget 2016 provides some welcome news for nearly 600,000 Canadian families who depend on social housing. The budget allocates $2.3 billion dollars over two years for housing initiatives. While this announcement falls short of the… Read More

Addressing poverty in the Speech from the Throne

Manitoba’s economy has outpaced the rest of the country since 2008. It now leads every province in employment. Overall provincial debt has stabilized and prospects for future growth are high. Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon will surely be directed… Read More

New federal government: opportunity to end crisis of poor housing

By Josh Brandon For Winnipeg residents with low incomes, the lack of affordable quality housing is a crisis. According to the 2011 National Housing Survey, 34,000 Winnipeg renters paid more than 30 percent of their income in rent,… Read More