Political pragmatism vs. poverty reduction

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press April 22, 2024 JOSH BRANDON IN its first budget, the NDP has adhered closely to the pragmatic instincts that won them last fall’s election. The budget includes investments in health care, …

Economic Benefits of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage increase in Manitoba

Niall Harney’s presentation in response to Bill 4, The Minimum Wage Adjustment Act,2022.

Manitoba fails to adequately raise Minimum Wage

August 18, 2022 For Immediate Release (Winnipeg): The Manitoba government’s minimum wage announcement today will not cover the massive cost of living increases low-income workers face in 2022.

The sky will not fall with a higher minimum wage

By Chris Rigaux and Tanya Andrusieczko First published in the Winnipeg Free Press September 23, 2019 September 10th’s election results were disappointing for progressive Manitobans who were looking for a decisive shift towards economic justice. We face four …

Q & A: Minimum Wage & $15/h Wage in Manitoba

Who earns a minimum wage in Manitoba? What are the benefits to a $15 minimum wage in Manitoba? The benefits of gradually phasing in a $15 minimum wage would be far-reaching: The 5.4% of workers who earn minimum …