Six Questions About the Future of Portage Place

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press April 29, 2024

Budget 2024 falls short in addressing Canada’s low-income housing crisis: Implications for Manitoba

An interview with Ricardo Tranjan, author of The Tenant Class

Ricardo Tranjan, author of The Tenant Class, joins us for a community conversation with local housing activists Rebecca Hume (Together at 149 Langside), Yutaka Dirks (R2H Coalition) and moderator Stefan Hodges (West Broadway Tenants Committee).

The Solution is More Housing

Previously published in the Winnipeg Free Press October 11, 2023 There is a growing interest among politicians — including Winnipeg’s Mayor and those from Manitoba’s NDP — in learning from the “Houston model” to address homelessness. Those of …

Manitoba releases a long-awaited homelessness strategy: It must be election time

By Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon

Lions Place Housing Crisis: What the Manitoba Government can and must do

By Shauna McKinnon

Winnipeg poverty reduction plan needs financial commitment

By Shauna MacKinnon and Desiree McIvor

The Great Transformation: Social Housing in Manitoba

By Doug Smith

Increasing Benefits for Low-income Manitoba Renters Through Rent Assist

By Josh Brandon and Jesse Hajer