Election 2011 UnSpun

Why this Manitoba Election Matters So Much

by Errol Black and Jim Silver

Elections matter. Some more than others. The October 4, 2011 provincial election in Manitoba is particularly important.  It matters less because of what is going on in Manitoba, where we have had a stable and relatively progressive government since 1999, and more because of what is happening beyond Manitoba.

Federally, a right-wing Conservative majority government was elected in May, 2011. It is possible that provincial elections this fall will give us right-wing governments in almost every province.  South of us, the U.S. economy and Europe similarly faces massive economic problems.  Inequality has risen dramatically in most of these economies, the result of 30 years of right-wing economic policies that have produced a massive increase in the numbers of the very rich and the very poor, and undermined economic stability for the working majority in the middle.

In the midst of the chaos described above some positive things are happening in Manitoba that are making a difference in peoples’ lives. When taken together, they are having a cumulative impact that distinguishes Manitoba from most other provinces in terms of performance and results.  Click here to read more about why Manitoba needs a provincial government that is competent, honest, and that takes steady steps in a progressive direction. 

Errol Black is the chair of CCPA Manitoba.  Jim Silver is the Director of the UofW Inner City Studies Program.

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