Together we have CLOUT

When a group of strong-willed and compassionate women join forces to work for social justice in their North End community in Winnipeg, good things get done because together, they have clout.

In 2010, the CCPA-MB produced a video called “Together We Have CLOUT”, which looks at a coalition of 9 community based organizations that provide services for inner-city individuals and families. Due to popular demand, it’s now available online!


The video is about 16 minutes long, and it provides an excellent overview of the challenges and opportunities faced by these organizations as they work together to make the North End a better place to live.

To buy a DVD of the film, please contact the CCPA-MB. For more information about CLOUT, contact any of the organizations, or read CCPA-MB’s 2010 State of the Inner City report. The 9 organizations are:

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