Actions: Cost of Living Community Solidarity MB event 

Resources and ways you can support and act to fight income inequality and for social justice 

  1. Follow and support the MMIWGTS+ Implementation Committee
  1. Follow and support MIGRANTE 
  1. Follow and support Disability Matters 
  1. Demand fairness for all students, including international students 
  1. Follow and support the work of Make Poverty History Manitoba’s provincial election campaign and next City of Winnipeg four-year budget campaign.
  1. Follow and support the work of Right to Housing coalition’s provincial election campaign.
  1. Make the Minimum wage a Living wage
  1. Paid sick days now – Manitoba Federation of Labour 
  1. Tell Canada to tax excess profits – Canadians for Tax Fairness
  1. Follow and support Climate Action Team Manitoba 
  1. Follow & support Health Care for All Manitoba 
  1. For local research and analysis please sign up for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba weekly roundup at (at bottom of page) or see 
  1. Follow & support working building a more inclusive, fair economy with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (click Manitoba!) 
  1. Support Sustainable Building Manitoba’s campaign for code adoption – homes and buildings need to be energy efficient to be truly affordable 
  1. Follow Community Solidarity Manitoba