Speaking Up Winter 2022

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Katie Ward March 10, 7 – 8:15 pm

Zoom Link: Food Security: Corporate Control and Climate Crisis

How can we create a secure and delicious food system for all Canadians? There are concrete actions over the next 10 years that will reduce our dependence on multinational corporations and reduce farming’s ecological footprint. The results – Canadian agriculture is more sustainable, food supplies are more dependable, farm incomes are higher, and greenhouse gas emissions are lower. 

Who are the main players of the agricultural supply chain, where are the pressure points, and how does this impact you? Where do various industries and labour intersect? And what solutions are available?

Katie Ward is a 9th generation family farmer from West Carleton-March, Ontario. With her husband, Mathieu-Andre Chiasson, she raises sheep, pigs, and chickens on pasture which she direct markets to farmer’s markets and restaurants. She also grows hay, wheat, oats and barley. 

Recently, Katie turned over her CSA market garden after eight years to her former vegetable business partner and fellow NFU farmer to start her own farm business, because she is committed to the belief that farmers must work toward ensuring land access for future generations of farming.

Katie Ward on her farm in West Carleton-March, Ontario.

Nora Loreto April 14, 7 – 8:15 pm

Zoom Link: Spinning COVID: Politicians and the Media Kept us in the Dark

During the worst pandemic in a century, Canadian media struggled to tell the story. Newsrooms, struggled to make broader connections. Politicians and public health officials were mostly given the benefit of the doubt. Politicians and uncritical media shaped the popular understanding and helped to justify maintaining the status quo that created the worst ravages of the crisis. 

Nora Loreto is a writer and activist from Quebec City. She is the author of Take Back the Fight: Organizing Feminism in the Digital Age and From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement; and is the editor of the Canadian Association of Labour Media and co-hosts the popular podcast Sandy and Nora Talk Politics.

David Camfield May 12, 7 – 8 pm

Zoom Link: Future on Fire: Is a Just Transition Possible?

What would it take to implement a just transition from fossil fuels and other causes of climate change? David Camfield argues that disruptive mass social movements are the key.

David Camfield is the author of Future on Fire: Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change and is an Associate Professor of Labour Studies and Sociology & Criminology at the University of Manitoba.