The Repeal of the Literacy Act: Submission to Bill 55

Jim Silver’s Submission on Bill 55

Bill 64 Earns a Failing Grade

First published in the Winnipeg Free Press March 26, 2021

By Jim Silver

Manitoba needs to move on after Supreme Court rules Federal Carbon Tax constitutional

Siting a nuclear waste repository in NW Ontario – who decides?

By Anne Lindsey

Call for Nominees for the Joseph Zuken Citizen Activist Award!

Jospeh Zuken (1912 – 1986) was one of Winnipeg’s most effective and controversial politicians.  He served for over 42 years as a school trustee and city councilor.  For much of his political career he was attacked for his radical ideas.  By the time he retired from public office many of his proposals had become accepted including kindergarten, free textbooks for school children, increased public housing, and urban development.   He was instrumental in the establishment of Seven Oaks General Hospital.

Joe Zuken desired a better city, valued community service and devoted his public life to those goals.  Since its inception, the Joseph Zuken Citizen Activist Award honoured individuals and groups that have made contributions or rendered service to the city in a variety of ways, particularly in areas that were of interest to Joe Zuken.  These include education, social policy, justice and law, municipal government, the arts, and the Yiddish language and culture.  The Award winner receives a cash donation to their favourite charity or organization of choice.

Past award recipients included:
Dorothy Betz, Sel Burrows, Olga Foltz, Kent Gerecke, Barry Hammond, John Loxely, Mount Carmel Clinic, Neechi Foods, Carl Ridd, Rossbrook House, Jim Silver, Tom Simms, Murray Smith, Leslie Spillett, Val Werier, Errol Black, Shirley Lord, Meet Me at the Bell Tower, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata, Roz Usiskin and Mitch Bourbonniere.

The CCPA Manitoba is currently hosting the Joseph Zuken Citizen Activist Award and is seeking nominations from the community for individuals or community groups who contribute to making Winnipeg a better, more socially justice city, value community service and are devoted to the public good.

Deadline for nominations September 1, 2021.

The Zuken Award will be presented at the Annual State of the Inner City Report Launch 2021 (expected to take place in early December 2021).

Email:  with ZUKEN NOMINEE in the subject line please.

1. Name of nominee:

2. Paragraph description of why you are nominating this person to be the recipient of the award:

3. Contact information for the nominee:

4.  Your contact information
How to you know the nominee?:

Clarity on Manitoba’s COVID spending

By Molly McCracken

Manitoba needs a real climate plan

By Curt Hull

Pandemic hits marginalized populations hardest

By Sarah Cooper

Brad Wall Hydro Report Brings Privatization Failures to Manitoba

By Molly McCracken, CCPA Director February 26, 2021

For Immediate Release (Winnipeg): The province of Manitoba’s commissioned Economic Review of Bipole III and Keeyask report by Brad Wall recommends privatization of Manitoba Hydro, the province’s cherished, publicly-owned crown corporation. This stands in contrast to the vast majority of Manitobans opposed to privatization and the provincial government’s own publicly stated commitments.

Manitoba’s Road to Resilience