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Budget 2016: the waiting game

By Lynne Fernandez It will take more than one budget – hastily prepared – to fully appreciate the Conservatives’ master plan, but the Throne Speech, a fiscal update and Ministerial mandate letters tell us what we should be… Read More

When does Temporary become Permanent?

By Lynne Fernandez and Nicole Smith Each year up to 400 mostly Mexican workers come to Manitoba under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) to work on local farms. They perform physically strenuous work on vegetable farms and… Read More

Social Enterprises Create Pride through Decent Work

Social enterprises fill an important gap in Manitoba’s economy for those struggling to enter the workforce. The provincial government has seen the value of investing in social enterprises through funding training and procuring housing retrofit services. This in… Read More

Business Wins Big: Throne Speech 2016

By Lynne Fernandez Throne speeches typically are run-of-the-mill exercises that say very little while evoking lofty ideals such as prosperity, innovation and “establishing an open principled government that reflects the values and priorities of Manitobans . . .”. … Read More

Manitoba Ranks Highest for Indigenous Child Poverty

By Cora Morgan Children need to feel and see they are important members of their communities and treated as such. A new study out Tuesday finds that Manitoba has the highest number of on-reserve First Nations children in… Read More

New MB PC Government: 4 areas to watch

The recently elected Progressive Conservative (PC) party in Manitoba ran on a call for change. But change for the sake for the sake of change can cause more harm than good, especially for Manitoba’s most marginalized. While there… Read More