Sports Franchises 7,000,000, Shelters 0: Budget 2012

by Shauna MacKinnon and Lynne Fernandez Although there seems to be a collective sigh of relief that the Conservative’s first majority-government budget was not as bad as those that came down in the 1990s, it is important to… Read More

Thinking Alternatives

This weekend the federal NDP will elect a new leader. Whoever party members choose to lead the NDP should take seriously Tony Judt’s 2010 book titled Ill Fares the Land. Judt argues that our inability to stop the destructive policies… Read More

Canadians Deserve “A Budget for the Rest of Us”

PDF version Read the full Alternative Federal Budget. Lire l’Alternative Budgétaire Pour le Gouvernement Fédéral by Shauna MacKinnon As the federal government begins to reveal tidbits about what Canadians can expect in the 2012 federal budget, many of us… Read More

Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms”

by Errol Black and Jim Silver An exhibition of Norman Rockwell paintings – American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell – opened this week at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (the only stop in Canada). It will run until May 20. Rockwell is,… Read More

Winnipeg City Council Misses the Bus – Again

Councillor Harvey Smith will be introducing a motion at City Council tomorrow to rescind the 20 cent bus fare increase slated for June 2012. There will also be the possibility for public input on the issue at the… Read More

“Radicals” need to turn up the heat.

By Lynne Fernandez I was listening to the CBC Radio business reporter explaining what was happening at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He was impressed by the number of billionaires who were present (I don’t remember… Read More

Social Justice in Canada?

By Errol Black A 2011 OECD report on social justice in OECD countries ranks Canada, with a score of 7.26, in 9th place. The 31 countries were evaluated on the basis of six key measures: poverty prevention; access… Read More

Connecting the Dots: The OECD report on poverty and Winnipeg’s inner city

by Shauna MacKinnon There has been much progress in addressing the issues facing Winnipeg’s inner city in recent years, but there remain many challenges. This reality frustrates no one more than those individuals working on the front lines… Read More

The Globe and Mail’s Take on the Inequality Agenda

By Errol Black and Jim Silver On August 12, 2011, we published a Fast Facts titled, The Inequality Agenda and the Specious Ideas that Support It.  In that article we cited a July 20, 2011 Globe and Mail article… Read More

Do Social Mixing Policies Work?

by Jonathan Hildebrand PDF version Does social mixing as public policy result in more equitable cities, more culturally diverse neighbourhoods, and less social marginalization? These are some of the goals to which social mixing policies have aspired, but… Read More