Poverty Policy Choices and Winnipeg’s Inner City

By Jim Silver Provincial government policy can be designed to punish those in poverty, or to reduce poverty. Both approaches have been tried in Manitoba, the first in the 1990s and the other more recently. We can compare… Read More

Gains are Being Made: The State of the Inner City Report 2015

By Jim Silver First published in the Winnipeg Free Press Dec 10, 2015 It has recently been claimed in the media that nothing is working in the fight against poverty. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ State of… Read More

Kathy Mallett – Inner City Builder

Kathy Mallett is being honoured at this year’s CCPA-MB Errol Black Chair Fundraising Brunch being held November 15 at the Hotel Fort Garry. There are unsung heroes in Winnipeg’s inner city, especially in the Aboriginal community, and few… Read More

Poverty: Not Present this Election Campaign

By Jim Silver If you’re following the federal election campaign you would think that poverty in Canada has been eliminated. Politicians, guided by their ever-cautious advisors and thinking only of short-term electoral advantage, rarely if ever utter the… Read More

Making Homelessness History

Homelessness has recently been much in the news, because of the tragic deaths of three homeless people in Winnipeg and also because of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s National Congress on Housing and Homelessness, held recently in… Read More

Winnipeg’s Racism Challenge

The Maclean’s article citing Winnipeg as Canada’s most racist city has prompted a public conversation that may prove to be useful. It is important that Winnipeg’s two solitudes get to know each other, at a personal and social… Read More

What We Need in the Throne Speech

By Jim Silver An issue that needs to be addressed in the forthcoming Throne Speech on November 20th, is the persistence in Manitoba of a deep, complex and damaging poverty. Important gains have been made in recent years… Read More

The First Rung on the Ladder Community-Based Literacy Programming in Public Housing Complexes

By Jim Silver A wealth of evidence—both global and local—confirms the value of literacy, and the importance of programs that promote literacy. This is especially the case for low-income individuals and communities, for whom gains in literacy can… Read More

Beer Bottles to Books: Remaking Merchants Corner

By Jim Silver Young North End activists hailed it as the latest example of “North End Rising.” That was the response when Premier Selinger announced on June 24 that the Provincial Government is investing more than $9 million… Read More

Protestors, Rights and Social Justice

By Jim Silver Much critical commentary has been directed at Aboriginal students and others who disrupted a recent talk by Phil Fontaine. I would like to offer a response that is different, but that nevertheless agrees that the… Read More