Rooming Houses to Rooming Homes

By Molly McCracken   [youtube] In Winnipeg’s inner city, and especially in West Broadway and Spence neighbourhoods, older homes converted to rooming houses are an important type of housing for many people living on low incomes. However,… Read More

Decolonizing the Inner City: a look at Youth For Christ

By Molly McCracken, director, CCPA-MB Youth For Christ is an evangelical Christian organization whose “Centre for Youth Excellence” received public funding based on a business plan that promised to meet the needs of local Aboriginal youth. The public… Read More

Manitoba Budget a Leap Forward for Poverty Reduction

By Lynne Fernandez and Molly McCracken By substantially raising EIA shelter rates and increasing child care spaces, new apprenticeship programs and support to social enterprises, the province is taking action to provide marginalized people with the assistance low… Read More

Government responds to calls to increase EIA shelter allowance

By Molly McCracken This past weekend, Theresa Oswald, Minister of Jobs and the Economy, said she agreed with a long-standing anti-poverty goal. “We agree that 75 percent as a target is the right goal”. The provincial government has… Read More

Community Development Manitoba-style

By Molly McCracken For fashion trends the world looks to Milan; Copenhagen has become synonymous with urban planning; but for community development, Manitoba is increasingly the source for inspiration and cutting edge policy. Manitoba’s home-grown approach to community… Read More

Canada Jobs Grant does not work for Manitoba

By Molly McCracken Re: “Lets put the jobs-grant idea to work”, Winnipeg Free Press, January 17, 2014 The Canada Jobs Grant will not work for people who face barriers to employment, especially Aboriginal Manitobans. As Shauna Mackinnon wrote… Read More

Hope for a New Year: four resolutions for 2014

By Molly McCracken A new year brings hope and the possibility for a healthier, happier and more just province for all Manitobans. As the holiday season draws to a close, let us carry forward the feelings of good… Read More

We Day sidesteps the real issues of child poverty

By Molly McCracken This week, 16,000 high school students will be bused to the MTS centre to attend “We Day” and be encouraged to help others. Organized by social enterpreneurs Mark and Craig Kielburger, their globally branded Free… Read More

Federal Off-loading Hurts Us All

PDF version by Molly McCracken Federal funding cuts will be top of mind at the Premiers’ annual in-person meeting July 25th to 26th in Niagara-on-the-Lake. However it remains to be seen if Premiers will address the off-loading of… Read More