Why We Still Fight

By Lynne Fernandez, Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues The Day of Mourning, more than any other day in the labour movement’s calendar, brings home why we must remain vigilant in the area of workers’ rights. As reported… Read More

Grain shipping is for the bears: oil by rail to Churchill not worth the risk

By Eric Reder For visitors from around the world, the opportunity to see polar bears and beluga whales in the subarctic splendor of Churchill is a major attraction. This window to the tundra world is a source of… Read More

Federal housing strategy key to improving child welfare

Before the findings of the Hughes commission report on the death of Phoenix Sinclair have been lost and forgotten and before the next child dies needlessly, we must all be reminded that there are more issues at play… Read More

Unifor’s Jerry Dias Raises Important Issue

Lynne Fernandez, Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues As reported in today’s Winnipeg Free Press, Unifor president Jerry Dias is visiting communities across Canada with an important message: attempts by a variety of political forces in Canada to… Read More

Manitoba on the right side when it come to the east side

 Lynne Fernandez CCPA Mb. has contributed much to the ongoing debate on the fate of the east side of Lake Winnipeg (known as Pimachiowin Aki), particularly concerning the controversial decision to run Bi Pole III down the west… Read More

Post Canada Post. Is it inevitable?

By Lynne Fernandez, Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues Apparently our country is going to hell in a mail bag. According to conservative analysts, public-sector workers are playing fast and loose with tax payers’ money and the only… Read More

Wither Human Rights?

By Lynne Fernandez, Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues That Nelson Mandela’s memorial be celebrated on International Human Rights Day is destiny; a more poignant coupling of events cannot be imagined. It seems unusually cruel then to sully… Read More

Book Review – From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement

From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement by Nora LoretoReviewed by Gabriel Bako This new book published by CCPA National provides a timely analysis of unions and neoliberalism. Mainstream media teaches youth, who have been born… Read More

The Living Wage: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

By Lynne Fernandez Minimum-wage workers are not just teenagers working at fast-food restaurants after school. According to the Manitoba Federation of Labour, 55 per cent of minimum wage earners in Manitoba are adults twenty years and older; 51… Read More

The Education Property Tax Rebate: Do we seniors really need it?

The opposition’s unproductive filibuster of the provincial 2013 budget increase in the PST has left many aspects of the budget undebated. One is its failure to provide for improvement in the Employment & Income Assistance Program (EIA –… Read More