The Tragedy of Phoenix Sinclair

PDF version by Jim Silver Media coverage of the Phoenix Sinclair inquiry has been quite thorough and often insightful. However, the bulk of the media coverage is missing the defining feature of the story. When that defining feature… Read More

Increasing Aboriginal Labour Market Participation: Making a case for Labour Market Intermediaries

PDF version by Shauna MacKinnon The Conference Board of Canada recently published a report titled Understanding the Value, Challenges, and Opportunities of Engaging Metis, Inuit, and First Nations Workers. Organizations like the Conference Board are paying close attention… Read More

Anti-unionism at Heart of Free Press Argument

By Lynne Fernandez For such a short article, the June 29th editorial: Do not further inflate Bipole III raises an impressive array of questions and concerns. First of all, according to reports from the Floodway Authority (and as… Read More

Community Economies and Jobs to Suffer with Federal Cuts to Co-operative Development

PDF version by Brendan Reimer On April 13, 2012, the Canadian Co-operative Association was informed by the Government of Canada about the termination of the Co-op Development Initiatives along with significant cuts to the Rural and Co-operatives Secretariat…. Read More

Inequalities, Trade Unions and Virtuous Circles: The Scandinavian Example

PDF version by Errol Black and Jim Silver In a recent post on this site, Thinking Alternatives, we suggested that the Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – provided examples of more collective, egalitarian and inclusive societies that… Read More

Canadians Deserve “A Budget for the Rest of Us”

PDF version Read the full Alternative Federal Budget. Lire l’Alternative Budgétaire Pour le Gouvernement Fédéral by Shauna MacKinnon As the federal government begins to reveal tidbits about what Canadians can expect in the 2012 federal budget, many of us… Read More

Connecting Aboriginal people to ‘good’ jobs

PDF version by Shauna MacKinnon and Ray Silvius Manitoba has among the highest Aboriginal populations in Canada and it is growing at a faster rate than the non-Aboriginal population. Fifteen percent of Manitobans and 10 percent of Winnipeggers… Read More

Where’s the Compassion? The Harper Government’s Approach to Employment Insurance

by Errol Black Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) System has been much in the news in recent weeks. The main issues are long delays in processing EI claims resulting from the Harper government’s attempts to automate and depersonalize the… Read More

Moving Manitoba Forward Post-election 2011

by Shauna MacKinnon On October 4th Manitobans gave Greg Selinger’s NDP a mandate to govern for the next four years. The NDP ran on a Doer-esque steady-as-she-goes platform with the slogan Let’s keep building. Don’t turn back. Now… Read More

Bloated Public Sector or Bloated Rhetoric? …You Decide….

Yesterday I sent a letter to the Winnipeg Free Press about an August 31st op-ed decrying Manitoba’s supposedly “bloated” public sector. The op-ed was just begging for a response. Let’s hope the letter gets printed, but in case… Read More